Cardio or Strength Training: What should you do First? (WE R STUPID Book 64)


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What came first, ‘chicken’ or the ‘egg’? That’s how complicated certain questions can be in fitness. One such mind-bending question, which surprisingly sounds simple, is “what training should be done first: strength or cardio?”

This ebook, dissects this question from various angles. To answer this, rather seemingly simple, yet extremely complicated question, this book is divided into three sections.

– First is the intro about the concept of ‘Concurrent Training’ and ‘Interference Effect’.
– Second, are the number of research studies on this topic.
– Third, summary of the findings under three different headings, because of different answer of the same question for different people; namely, pro-sportsmen & bodybuilders; beginners in the gym & general fitness enthusiasts; and older adults & medical cases.

In fitness, most things are relative and conditional. There are very few extremes of dos and don’ts. A recommendation that works for one individual, may not work for the other. Our answer to the question: “what training should be done first: strength or cardio?”, falls in the same category.