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The skeleton of VT003F consists of two steel frames connected by four springs. A footplate and a base plate, made of new ABS material, are firmly screwed on the two steel frames. A DC motor and eccentric wheels assembly is mounted beneath the upper frame. A control box is installed on the base plate.


The DC motor rotates three pairs of eccentric wheels attached to the motor shaft. The rotation displaces the footplate to move on a circular pattern. The movement is regulated by the supporting springs to create desired linear vibration pattern, most on the vertical direction, less on the horizontal direction.

A microcontroller system in the control box commands motor rotation speed and direction, to adjust the vibration frequency and switch the amplitude setting.


– Manual Control Mode
Vibration frequency, amplitude and session time can be adjusted using the control panel or the remote control.

– Programmed Plays
Programmed Plays are 10-minute running sessions of gradual increase and decrease of frequency, combined with amplitude switching.

Three Programmed Plays are designed to provide certain dynamic movement patterns for some presumed fitness and therapeutic applications.

P1 – Lo Amplitude: detox and relax
P2 – Hi Amplitude: cardio exercise
P3 – Mix mode: muscle toning and enhancement


Vibration Frequency: 15Hz – 40Hz
Max Amplitude: 3 mm on Hi / 1.5mm on Lo
Max G-force: 5.82
Electric Motor: 80W DC Motor, 900-2400 RPM
Power Supply: 110V 60Hz
Recommended Max Body Weight: 264 LB

Visit www.VibrationTherapeutic.com and download VT003F user manual for detail info about the machine, benefits, applications, limitations, risks, terms and disclaimer.High frequency linear vibration, sturdy structure, built to last, two year warranty with confidence; Wide frequency range and two amplitude settings accommodating various applications. Most other vibration plates in the market are pivotal oscillation (swing) type, which usually run on vibration frequency below 15Hz, no amplitude change setting.
VT003F’s vibration frequency range fits in soft tissues’ natural frequency range (10-50Hz). Resonance occurs when the machine’s frequency matches tissue’s natural frequency. At resonance, VT003F efficiently and effectively drives energy deep into the soft tissue, maximizing the benefits on circulation improvement and muscle activation. People respond differently to different frequencies. Find your right frequency to make the best out of VT003F.
Positive experiences reported by users include blood circulation improvement, lymph drainage, muscle pain relief, muscle and tendon enhancement, balance improvement, bone density improvement and etc. Using VT003F on daily basis will stabilize incremental health condition improvement. The 2019 model comes with a significant improvement on mechanical noise reduction.
CAUTION! About 2% of users reported experiencing dizziness or nausea on high frequency vibration. We recommend new users to start with low intensity settings. Gradually increase the intensity when your body is adjusted to the vibration and starts to enjoy the benefits. Knee bent pose allows you to control/reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to your upper body. This will ease the discomfort. Please consult medical experts to find out if high frequency is a good fit for you.
No assembly, no maintenance needed. Remote control has the full function as the control panel. Always use VT003F on carpeted floor. Hold on to a stable chair for better balance if needed. The thick pair of inelastic hand straps is designed for balance or arm vibration. For more detail about VT003F, its applications, limitations, risks, terms and disclaimer, please visit www.VibrationTherapeutic.com and download the user manual.