Blue VividSkip Jump Rope – 1/2 LB HIIT – Boxing – Cardio – Contoured …


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Price: $34.95
(as of Nov 11,2019 04:38:20 UTC – Details)

Bold Colors. Full 360 degree swivel. Single loop. Self adjust. Tapered and ergonomic handle with non-slip grip. Non-kink rope (comes 9′ 10″). Length chart/adjustment guide for efficient one-time setup. Slight weight. Good for Muy Thai.THE TOUGHEST MORE VERSATILE JUMPROPE ON THE MARKET. Achieve your weight loss and fitness goals with the toughest jump rope on the market that you can use anywhere on any surface – NO GYM NEEDED. Simple and superior design in swivel construction and functionable parts surpass more expensive jumpropes with unquestionable durability. For high intensity training and boxing workouts. Lose weight and build strength with this vivid color jumprope system any where.
BE THAT UNIQUE YOU-WITH VIVID COLOR AND TEXTURED HANDLES! Be original and stand out in the gym or any where with this one of a kind textured material sourced only from Japan.
RECOMMENDED BY TOP COACHES AND ATHLETES. Top inspiring athletes, coaches and boxers are all saying that they have tried and recommended this new jumprope brand. “High-Quality, “Won’t snap”, “Pretty handles and great design”, “I found this rope to be very smooth as well as durable. It has a nice weight to it so you can get a solid workout.”